Banyan is now in public beta!



Hello, World. Today is a big day at Banyan HQ. After months of stealth testing, building, and designing our private beta, we are thrilled to announce that Banyan is now open to the public. Today our team is unveiling a brand new homepage, an improved web app experience, and a number of performance improvements.

Our mission

We built Banyan to be the easiest place to share, collaborate, and publish research. Our belief is that data & code should be made available with academic papers.  We are passionate about open science, and with Banyan, publishing all the supporting materials (data, code, and papers) is free through our public accounts.

We also want to improve sharing, collaborating, and publishing for organizations. For small teams or individuals who want to keep their work private, we have affordable private plans as well. Interested in an enterprise version of Banyan? Contact us directly.

Webapp improvements

Dashboard - Banyan

We have improved the look & feel of the our dashboard. Overall the dashboard is much quicker, and includes an improved event stream. It’s much easier to keep track of what your team is working on now, then ever before. We have updated the UI to match our  new  visual style, and plan to ship some additional updates to make the web app even better in the coming months.

Mac Application


We are happy to announce that our Mac application is currently in private testing. One of our early beta testers called it the “sexiest piece of scientific software they have ever used.” We are pretty excited about it, too. Want to get notified when it launches? Sign up today.

Feature based shipping

This launch encompasses months worth of work bundled into one giant update. Going forward, we are cutting release cycles down to feature based shipping. As a user, that means you can expect improvements to Banyan on a daily & weekly basis. We have alot of exciting features in our pipeline, and we can’t wait to get them to you as soon as possible.

Lastly, thanks to our beta users

When we launched a few months ago, we were a young startup trying to find our way. Connecting with our early beta testers, we wanted to hear their pain points. We heard from users in over 10 different countries, the response was overwhelming. Our goal is to make Banyan better every day, and we can’t thank you enough for your support. Thank you to everyone who uses Banyan and to those who provided feedback during our private beta.

  • adijr

    Sounds very promising. Unfortunately, I can’t enter my email address – i keep getting a “Invalid Email Address” error.

    • GetBanyan

      Hi Adijr, we had a rush of traffic from hackernews & reddit. Signups should be working fine now. Sorry about that!

  • Craig Blain

    I was working on the same idea, but this product looks great. I look forward to trying it out.

  • rshigeta

    so banyan is github with data sharing additions?

  • nclark

    i didn’t read this post because of how bad the contrast is.

  • Andrew Danger Pennebaker

    What does Banyan feature that GitHub lacks?

  • Chanchal Kumar Ghosh

    Why not Github? What is the advantages of using this tool over Github?